Champagne Paul Sadi
Champagne Paul Sadi

Respecting the traditions

First and foremost this is the history of a family written in the « montagne de Reims » by Virgile Portier, Sadi Malot and carried on by its respective descendants.

Jérôme Portier, who is Virgile's greatgrandson is a wine trader and the founder of the Paul Sadi label, the natural continuity of this legacy.

A land of Pinots Noirs

The vineyards enjoy a perfect location on the lower hillsides of the « montagne de Reims », which alllows the growing of two noble varieties : The Pinot Noir and the Chardonnay.

The Pinot noir which is the prevailing variety in the area is well-known for its unrivaled fruitness and full body, it is of a different quality from the one grown in other parts of the Champagne region. The vineyards in Beaumont –sur- Vesle and Verzy are graded Grand cru : these exceptional soils bring minerality and fineness to our champagnes.

A family history told through the cuvées.
In the end, the plots in Villers- Marmery which are graded «  premier cru » produce exclusively the Chardonnay variety, the soil in this area is very fertile for the development of this variety.

A family history told through the cuvées

The cuvées recount the history of the family. The cuvée « Hommage » refers to the grapes produced from the Portiers'vineyards , from the Pinot Noirs and Chardonnay in Beaumont and Verzy. The cuvée « Simone » 100% Chardonnay comes from the grapes in Villers- Marmery and refers to the vineyards of the Malot's family especially dedicated to Jerôme's grandmother.

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Virgile Portier has looked after the reconstruction of the village of Beaumont sur Vesle which was destroyed after the first world war, then, as a lawyer's clerk and a good visionary, he subsequently purchased the vineyards early in the 20th century. He had the first cellar digged and launched the label in 1924 and then marketed his first bottles. Afterwards, Virgile transmitted 8 hectares of vineyards to his children. Paul took over with his sister in 1962, then in 1986, Jean Louis, Paul's son carried on in association with other relatives.

The cellar was successively extended each generation after the other. The Virgile enclosed field, a vineyard plot adjoining the estate, surrounded by a wall protected from the wind, was planted and unveiled in 1993. Early in 2000, the vineyards in Villers Marmery from Martine POTIER, Jean Louis'wife were joined to the family estate.


The renewal in the tradition since 2012, a strong will of independance by both families leads Jérôme PORTIER, Jean Louis and Martine's son to start a new label,yet using his grandparents' first names involved in the history of the family « Paul SADI ».

Currently, some of the principles of sustainable growing are applied on the estate such as the cover planting on 60% of the vineyards or the experimenting of the work on the ground (interceps), this is to avoid the resorting to weedkillers. The grapes are pressed in a traditional press of 4000 kilos. The vinification is made in stainless-steel and metal tanks for the cuvée Homm'age, in oak barrels for the cuvée Simone and in vine tankers for Virgile's enclosed field. While Jerôme takes care of the management and the commercialisation and vinification on a daily basis, Magdeline Loiseau, his partner, looks after the accounts and manages the human ressources and vineyards.

Current news

The vineyards in March-April

The pruning of the vineyards is over since 20th March. During this operation the vine shoots are left on the ground to make it easier for the pruning. They must then be crushed with a machine. Once crushed , they will change into humus which will feed the vineyards in organic material during its vegetative cycle. Now, we are weeding mechanicaly, and use one alternate full row with a « Canadien »*.

* a machine with a hooked blade to dig the soil

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